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10 Castle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3AT, | +44 (0)131 516 9809 | enquiries@temporiswind.com

Temporis Wind is a developer, owner and operator of single wind turbine projects in the UK. Since 2010, Temporis Wind has completed feasibility site assessments on over 3,000 potential projects on behalf of its landowner partners. We have built up considerable expertise and experience of successfully taking sites through the planning process, and then on to funding, constructing and commissioning projects that are accredited under the Feed-In Tariff programme.

We are actively seeking new landowner partners who are keen to investigate the viability of a wind energy project on their land, or those landowners who are already in the planning system or who have received a planning consent but require funding or guidance on the critical construction phase.

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Key facts

  • Consented Wind Capacity:

    7,500 kW

  • Operating Installed Capacity:

    14,000 kW

  • Producing electricity equivalent to that consumed in an average year by:

    8,068 homes

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