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10 Castle Street,
+44 (0)131 516 9809

Berger House
36-38 Berkeley Square,
London, W1J 5AE
+44 (0)20 35825230


To date, Temporis Wind have deployed over £175million of investment capital in UK renewable energy projects.

We are able to provide investment at various stages of the project timeline:

  • Development ‘risk’ capital
  • Post-consent sale
  • Joint-Venture investment
  • Construction Finance
  • Post-Commissioning Sale
  • Operational Re-financing
  • Endurance 50kW

We also work with investors looking to secure investment opportunities in UK renewables projects.

If you are involved with a project that may have a funding requirement, or if you are a funder interested in UK renewables, please contact us at enquiries@temporiswind.com or +44 (0)20 35825230.