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10 Castle Street,
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Berger House
36-38 Berkeley Square,
London, W1J 5AE
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Temporis Wind has had the benefit of working with a number of wind turbine manufacturers across the 50kW to 1.5MW spectrum. This allows Temporis to select the appropriate wind turbine model for a site depending on the characteristics of the site and the economics of a particular turbine. The best turbine choice depends on several factors, including capital costs, wind speed, height constraints, desired feed-in tariff band, suitability for the local grid, maintenance support and lead-time. Temporis Wind has developed or commissioned projects for the following turbines:

  • EWT DW61*900kW
  • EWT DW54*500kW
  • Enercon E53 800/500kW
  • Enercon E48 800/500kW
  • Enercon E33 330kW
  • Endurance X Series 225kW
  • Endurance E Series 50Kw
  • Ogin 150kW
  • Vergnet 250kW
  • Northern Power 100kW

Temporis Wind has entered a framework supply agreements with EWT that provides preferential access to wind turbines from this leading manufacturer.

The EWT DW-54 500kW at Temporis Wind’s Manton site in North Lincolnshire

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